The Keys

All flutes are available in keyless form. These are preferred by players who want a physically lighter and more responsive flute, and who mainly play in the keys of D and G and their relative minor keys.

Keys are all in sterling silver and are pillar mounted which gives a very high quality key mechanism. We really pride ourselves on the quality of our keys and we have designed a style for the keys which is unique to the Alpha Omega Traditional flutes.

Key Options
The standard key options are:

Two Keys (G# and short F) – to enable playing in keys of C and A
Four keys (G#, short F, Bb,and Eb) – to allow a fully chromatic instrument
Five keys (G#, short F, Bb, and Eb and C) – while a very good cross fingering exists for the upper c, the C key is very useful for trills and moving quickly from b to c
Six keys (G#, short F, Bb, and Eb, C and Long F key) – some passages of music will be easier to play when the long F key is available
Eight keys (as for 6 keys but added foot keys for low C and C#) – extends the range of the flute down to a low C

The advantage of the pillar mounted keys is that they can be retro fitted to the flutes; so if you purchase a keyless flute or perhaps a two-keyed flute, we can fit additional keys to it at a later date.

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