Flute Prices for 2024

Costs for Keyless Flutes
Keyless flutes with sterling silver rings in D      £600/€690
Keyless flutes in Bb, A and F.                       £450/€520
Keyless flute in Low C                            £650/€750

Costs for Keyed Flutes
All keys and rings on our D flutes are in solid sterling silver
All keys excluding the lower extension C and C# keys on the foot joint are £180/€210 per key.
The C and C# lower extension keys are £475/€550 for the pair.

Keyed D flute cost examples :-
2 keyed flute – £960/€1110
4 keyed flute – £1320/€1530
6 keyed flute – £1680/€1950
8 keyed flute – £2155/€2500

Up to 8 keys can however be fitted in various configurations to enable easier playing in a wider range of major and minor keys and to extend the flute below the lower D note to play C and C#.

Since we use pillar mounted keys, our keys can be fitted to all of our keyless flutes. So if you purchase a keyless flute from us, you can come back at any time in the future to add keys to your flute.