Stock List

Keyless Flutes

We currently have a small stock of flutesĀ in D in both our Rudall Rose and Pratten models. These flutes are available in African Blackwood and Mopane in our baroque and modern styles with and without silver rings.
We are currently out of stock of Boxwood flutes so these will be made to order until we can build up a stock of these again.

Keyed Flutes

We are currently completely out of stock of keyed flutes, but we do have a 4 and a 6 keyed flute currently begin finished off, so please enquire if you are interested in either of these flutes.
We have a number of customers’ flutes awaiting fitting of keys, so new customers requiring keys fitting to their instruments will have to wait around 6 months before we can do this work for them.
If you are interested in having keys on one of our flutes then please let us know so that we can put your name on the waiting list.

A small stock of flutes in Bb, A, F,  G and Low C are also available.